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English Level Test (Online)

Students are responsible for being prepared for the test:

• You have 60 minutes to do the test

• No dictionaries or phones are allowed

• Nobody can assist you

• You should allow about 20 minutes for each section

This online test is intended to evaluate the English proficiency level of students and estimate the duration required for the English course. Initially, it focuses on assessing language skills such as grammar, reading and writing. The speaking and listening components, if deemed necessary, can be scheduled for a later stage at the teacher's discretion.


For improved precision in the assessment, it is recommended that students attend school on the first day for testing purposes. 

Please note that during the first two weeks, the students may be reassigned to a different level if the teacher assesses that your proficiency level significantly differs from the test results.

Click "Start" to initiate the online test. Best of luck!

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